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Sending a very very happy birthday to my little construction partner, my mini Picasso, the Prince of Awesomeland, the first blood of our family’s next generation, eldest AwesomeCousin and all-around great kiddo; Silas Mayne.

This guy helps me learn how to be more patient with Radley and sets a great example as the oldest cousin (probably something to do with his great parents).

Here’s to another spin around the sun little duder, your Uncle Matt loves you tons.

Tonight’s office. (at The Mann Center - Skyline Stage)

We’re on a boat! Not really…WE’RE ON A DATE!!


Coming home from the wilderness means two things;

1. You have a lot of packages waiting for you.
2. Your beard looks super woodsy.

Check out my new TheMerchDude snapback, all #blackonblack, just the way we like it. @themerchdude thanks for letting me be a part of making these happen homie.


DOUBLE DELIVERY DAY for @eastsidemags1!!!

Now you can plaster New Jersey with the name of your favorite comic spot. Duh!

Check out the new threads at @eastsidemags1!!!

Stop by the shop to get your comic fix and pick up a sweet tee as well 🎉👍

*Do you play Magic? They have a spot for you to chill and play!!

Back from the wilderness and there’s a lot to get done.

Cut the shit, let’s start the pit.


It was pouring rain with a little sunshine yesterday when we left Maine. The weather (and my face) captured the mood well. It was hard to leave my brother and his family, like it always is. He was a huge part of my life growing up and the time we spend together these days is more important to me than I’ll ever be able to tell him. His wife, my nephew and niece have wonderful souls and being around them recharges me every time.

It’s raining out there so I found an empty seat on a Lawnmower in here.

Radley loves his Grandmom! (at Kineowatha Park)

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