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Getting sorted; the next BYTHEDOZEN release for @teamxcotton features a collaboration with good friend and fellow lover of exotic textures, @sam_kaufman!


Silly face contests with @whatktsaid are a good reason to stay up past your bedtime.


Big shout out to @FourYearStrong for putting their minds to something and making it happen. I grabbed the limited edition colorway vinyl and waited patiently for that sweet lazer etched B-side, definitely worth it…the color is intense.

This sweet jammer was from summer 2010…the year Bring Me demolished the tour and had a crazy crowd-surfing send off.

I had to retire this one right after the tour that summer; it took a good amount of wear-age and looks the part.

Thanks @flipship!

Spent the last hour of our day sitting on the porch, throwing acorns into the street and yelling “MORE MOTOS” as loud as we could. Quality time at its best.





Bear talk with The Mini-me


Editing park pictures…!

Fuuuuuck 😳😳😳

I’m on a boat!

Not really. It’s a plane.

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