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Can’t wait to see this little derpface duder…sometimes he says the silliest stuff when I drop him off at daycare in the morning and I laugh about it all day.

So THAT’S where I left my Jeezy CD!

Also, it still works and the batteries had juice. Gonna carry this thing around like it’s 2005.

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Tell me about your adventures!

Write a paragraph about an adventure you had that influenced your life. Tag me (@merch) and use the hashtag #givemeadventures! The best ones may just be used in an upcoming project 😉👍🌅

This was the first bus we toured in. It picked us up from Kenny’s and parked in the loading spot; just like the van had and RV after that. This time it was a huge vehicle we (gasp) didn’t have to drive. You mean there’s a bathroom ON HERE!? Wait, I can close and lock the back lounge while I’m counting copious amounts of cash!?! There’s a place for more than a weeks worth or merch!!!!?!!? It was heaven. Never forget this day. Especially withy sweet salty 2000’s panoramic photo.

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hiding from mondaze….

My phone died shortly after the set started but it didn’t matter, I snagged one pic and spent the rest of the time in the pit. Where I also got escorted to the back and told to “calm down and take your hood off”. What’s up 2003?

@anthony_pma love you homie!

Who’s in there with you? No PAPPY!

So many adventures 📷

@alisoncupcakes @pnoitch love you guys!

One of my favorite parts of touring was being reminded that your friends were out there doing the same thing in the same place the night before or a few days after you. There was a tiny comfort in knowing that even though you were out there in the bus or van with your friends, there were also friends out in other cities and states doing the same thing with their band and crew.
We were pretty tight with a handful of crews. Yellowcard, Brand New, Early November, Finch, Underoath, Taking Back, Say Anything, Movielife, Home Grown…all bands and crews that we kept in touch with regularly. But if there was one band we always nerded out with it was Motion City Soundtrack. We toured hard together, got in even more trouble and always had some joke or tour or show in the works. I would look forward to seeing them and watching them play…but my favorite was seeing my best buddy Beth. We would leave each other notes across the country and I would always keep them. Love you B!!❤️❤️

Holla at me for that fresh 2002 T-Mobile UK SIM card and Sidekick2 bumpers still in the packaging.


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