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I’ve been capturing tiny moments so I can remember them later

Such a good weekend for seeing faces I miss.

I love this life I’ve made, I love the people in it and all of the memories we’ve made together….the good, the bad, the ugly, the super hilarious…I wouldn’t trade them for the world,

they make me who I am.

no one will ever thank you…

…for all the work you do.  

get used to working because you LIKE to work and not because you need a thank you and it will make life easier.

real talk.

*edit:  I do realize that you get paid to work.  that’s cool.  that’s proper compensation (or should be at least).  but a THANK YOU goes a long way.  sometimes longer than a dollar.  only sometimes.

I need to draw more…

…like, all the time more.

mike freaking giant.  one day I hope I can still be doing what I love like he is…the man is an inspiration.

sooooo……this came in the mail today and I jammed it in the office stereo right away!!  Thank you SO SO much to Sarah Saturday / Gardening, Not Architecture for taking the time to HAND MAKE an album.  The stitching on the side of the packaging…the stapled booklet with the handwritten and numbered intro page…it’s perfection.  Knowing that she put it together herself makes it that much more special.

Everyone should do me a favor and check out the GNA blog and listen the sarah’s new “Florida Sessions”, recorded recently and available (for listening in FULL!) on her bandcamp page.  I’m not linking you to that cause you should go to her blog and find it yourself.



…fifteen minutes.

RIP Andy - gone but not forgotten

feeling positive and bright in the eyes again.  things are changing…I can feel it.

oh and my Harley still rules…just in case you were wondering.

today I reached out for some advice. 

it’s hard to ask for help or admit we need someone to talk to, confide in or open up to.  but that’s part of life…there are things you can’t wrap your head around…and as far as you wrap around all the sides, there’s angles that we just can’t see from where we’re sitting.  it’s because we’re in the middle. 

the best thing I took away from today’s convo was that we are almost constantly “in the middle” of something.  life is a series of challenges and obstacles.  sure, there’s an easy road and a middle road, and those paths are acceptable for some people.  but there are roads that are challenging…some of them are challenging from the start, and you know what you’re getting yourself into.  and some of them are challenging down the line and you have to hold tight and follow the path, no matter how rocky.  But every path has at least one thing the same, a common denominator.  a middle.

that’s where we are.  we’re in the middle….it’s just where we are right now.  when you’re in the middle it’s difficult to accurately find the beginning and when you’re in the middle you surely can’t see the end.  for now I feel like the best thing I can do is be happy with where I am and keep heading down the path I’ve worked so hard to lay out in front of myself.  it’s really hard to focus but i’m hanging in there as best I can.  I need to be strong and positive for the people around me and the ones I love.  There are so many amazing things in my life, I just have to look around…

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